Toronto Region Board of Trade Joins the Rational Funding Conversation

TORONTO, 18 March 2013 – CodeRedTO applauds the Toronto Region Board of Trade’s funding recommendations for Metrolinx’s The Big Move. Their contribution is an important part of our shared goal to help “Move the GTHA”.

“Cities around the world including Paris, San Francisco, and Vancouver have all financed transit expansion with new revenue tools. It’s time the Toronto Region catches up,” said CodeRedTO Executive Director Cameron MacLeod.

“CodeRedTO is glad to see this conversation about how to fund transit in the GTHA shift toward specific tools, and the Board’s suggestion of four viable tools is one that we support. Saying no to revenue tools for transit is the same as saying no to transit entirely, which is not an option.”

Added Executive Director Joe Drew, “Saying no to transit was never an option, really, and we’re paying for the lack of proper funding now.”

TRBOT’s proposal features four significant revenue tools to be dedicated toward improvement to transit infrastructure in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area: a¬†regional sales tax, a parking space levy, a regional fuel tax, and high occupancy toll lanes. The business community is clearly ready to speak seriously and specifically about fighting GTHA congestion. In addition, Metrolinx has released a new detailed review of transportation funding tools used around the world to great effect.

CodeRedTO is happy to see the transit funding conversation move forward into specifics, and looks forward to the release of Metrolinx’s Investment Strategy by June 1, 2013.


About CodeRedTO: 

CodeRedTO is a volunteer-led transit advocacy group in the GTHA based on the principle of better decisions through better information. We provide facts about transit modes, options, and proposals, to assist GTHA residents in understanding and evaluating transit information and ideas. We are not controlled by any transit agency, elected representative, or business. We receive funding only from Metrolinx earmarked for community conversations, and all other activities are funded through personal donations.

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