The most important way you can spread the word about building better Rapid Transit in Toronto is by sharing links, documents, posters, flyers and postcards. We have a few here and new ones appearing soon – if you have an idea for a new one, send it along!

Agencies and Consultation Projects

Project Reviews and External Sites

Environmental Assessments and Documentation


Transit Funding Resources

Reports on Transit Modes, Effects, Benefits, and Challenges

  • 2006: Transit-Oriented Development and Jobs (PDF)
  • 2011: The Impact of Light Rail Transit on Low-Income Households and Neighbourhoods (PDF)
  • 2012: Rail Transit In America: A Comprehensive Evaluation of Benefits (PDF)
  • 2014: Effects of Light-Rail Transit on Traffic in a Travel Corridor (PDF)

Posters and Handouts

Finch West LRT budget and travel time infographics:





Have your say on transit taxes and where new funding might come from:

Here are two Fact Check flyers with details on light rail. One includes Scarborough details and a map to help display the differences between light rail, streetcars, and subways.

Next, we have a two-sided flyer that helps explain the differences between the Metrolinx modern light rail plan – the Council-approved LRT plan – and the Mayor’s wasteful underground-only idea from 2010. Click to download the PDF – print and share!

This poster is based on one originally created by TEA/, and is used with permission.

We also have earlier versions of the same flyer. Download the previous Smart Use Of Space flyer.



We also have some beautiful postcards designed by Twitterer @kett4l, showcasing beautiful and successful LRT systems in SeattleParis, Minneapolis, Houston, and Dublin.


From our archives, we also have a city-wide Save Transit City poster, suitable for posting and handing out around the city, which emphasizes the $65 million that would have been wasted by cancelling work already in progress. Council’s vote on February 8th 2012 helped make this far less likely for a short while, while later votes reversed any potential savings.

We also have a Sheppard and Finch-specific Save Transit City poster, which contains the same information as the City-Wide poster but emphasizes the service those routes would never have gotten under Ford’s approach.

If you’re interested in contributing new posters or resources, please e-mail us!

How to Help

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LEARN about Transit and why there's room for subways, light rail, and streetcars in our region, and how light rail is actually a great city-building choice for the lower-density neighbourhoods in Etobicoke, Scarborough, North York, Mississauga, Brampton, Hamilton, and Kitchener-Waterloo.

CALL your City Councillor, and tell them that you want rational, affordable, and rapid transit in Toronto to benefit everyone, not just one small section of the city. Rapid transit to Malvern, Morningside, Jane & Finch are achievable if we learn from successful transit networks around the world.

TELL your friends and family that subways are amazing - they really are! - but with limited funding we have to make rational decisions about whether to support more residents or leave people waiting for crowded buses for decades longer.

Did you know: The bus routes on Finch have over 85% of the ridership of the (much shorter) Sheppard Subway, and the bus routes on Eglinton already have over 140%! The lengths differ but the need is common in many areas of the city. We are decades behind and need better transit options for our residents now, not just small extensions that use up all the budget.

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