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  • Guest speaker at York University class discussing public spaces
  • Submission, City of Toronto Executive Committee, on city’s long-term financial plan



  • Christof Spieler lecture “Trains Buses People: Lessons for Toronto” on the release of the second edition of his book “Trains, Buses, People: An Opinionated Atlas of US and Canadian Transit” presented by CodeRedTO
  • Contributor, TTC 2022 Annual Service Plan Stakeholder Meetings
  • Contributor, City of Toronto’s Poverty Reduction Strategy Office discussions on Transit Fare Equity
  • Contributor, TTC/YRT 5-Year Fare Policy Workshop


  • Contributor, TTC 2021 Annual Service Plan Stakeholder Meetings





  • Contributor to Move the GTHA progress report on The Big Move, “Are We There Yet?”
  • Contributor to Move the GTHA op-ed published in the Toronto Star in November: “GTHA transit needs a boost from new municipal funding sources
  • Invited participant, Metrolinx Fare Integration Workshop
  • Invited participant, City of Toronto Planning’s TOcore Stakeholder Workshop
  • Consultation with advocacy groups including Hamilton LRT, Fight Gridlock
  • Consultation with Pembina Institute on rapid transit project work
  • Donation to support transit access for Syrian refugees via Lifeline Syria at Ryerson University
  • Donation to Waterloo Region public engagement campaign by TriTAG in support of the new iON LRT system
  • Donation to Toronto Relief Line Alliance for printing expenses


  • Member, City of Toronto’s Scarborough Subway Extension Stakeholder Advisory Group (2015-2018)
  • Member, City of Toronto’s Relief Line Stakeholder Advisory Group (2015-2018)
  • Urban Planning, Design and Policy People networking event (sponsor)
  • Donation to Northwest Transit Action (Etobicoke) for printing expenses
  • Donation to Our Place Initiative (Etobicoke) for printing expenses
  • Donation to Hamilton LRT for printing expenses
  • Donation to TTCriders to support advocacy and public engagement activities



  • Jarrett Walker lecture “Abundant Access: Public Transit as an Instrument of Freedom” (co-sponsor, presented by Spacing, in partnership with CodeRedTO and the University of Toronto Institute of Transportation Engineers)
  • “Public Transit for the Future: Who Pays For it?” hosted by Civic17, Dufferin/St. Clair Library, Toronto
  • Transit Expansion and Funding Info Sessions hosted by CodeRedTO and featuring representatives from Metrolinx:
    – Malvern Library, Scarborough (PDF)
    – York Woods Library, Etobicoke (PDF)
    – Richview Library, Etobicoke (PDF)
    – Danforth/Coxwell Library, East York (PDF)
    – Thorncliffe Library, East York (PDF)


  • Founding Member, Move the GTHA collaborative (2012-2020)
    • Move The GTHA was a wide-ranging partnership on improving transit funding and understanding including many groups such as Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment, Canadian Environmental Law Association, Canadian Urban Institute, CivicAction, CodeRedTO, CycleTO, David Suzuki Foundation, Environment Hamilton, Environmental Defence, Evergreen, Pembina Institute, Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario, Toronto Atmospheric Fund, Toronto Centre for Active Transportation, Toronto Environmental Alliance, Toronto Public Health, Transport Action Ontario, Urban Land Institute, Western GTA Move Task Force, 8-80 Cities
  • Activism and Transit, University of Toronto Scarborough Urban Geography course, Scarborough (PDF)
  • Presentation to the Ontario Legislature’s Standing Committee on General Government, Queen’s Park, Toronto (PDF)
  • Presentation to National Transit Strategy Town Hall, Centennial College, Scarborough (PDF)
  • Transit Expansion Information Session, Agincourt Library, Scarborough (PDF)


  • CodeRedTO founded in September 2011

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LEARN about Transit and why there's room for subways, light rail, and streetcars throughout our region. Combining different modes can often be a great city-building choice for the medium-density and lower-density neighbourhoods in Etobicoke, Scarborough, North York, Mississauga, Brampton, Hamilton, and Kitchener-Waterloo.

CALL your City Councillor, and tell them that you want rational, affordable, and rapid transit in Toronto to benefit everyone, not just one small section of the city. Rapid transit to Malvern, Morningside, and Waterfront East are achievable if we learn from successful transit networks around the world.

TELL your friends and family that new rapid transit is amazing - it really is! - but unless we stabilize and grow operations funding we risk leaving people waiting for crowded buses for decades longer.

Did you know: The bus routes on Finch carry as many riders per day as the population of North Bay! Routes on Lawrence, Jane, and elsewhere also carry a huge number of riders per day. We are decades behind and need more and better transit options for our residents now, not just small extensions that use up all the budget.

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