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Line 3 Scarborough bus replacement options

Posted on: October 12th, 2021

The TTC is seeking feedback on future Line 3 bus replacement service when the line closes in 2023, and would like to share and seek feedback on a shortlist of bus routing options for the Line 3 bus replacement service. Your feedback, along with technical work, will help the TTC develop the final recommended plan that will be presented to the TTC Board in January 2022 for approval. Visit or see details below to learn more and ways to share your feedback.


A Post-Vaccine World Needs Strong Public Transit

Posted on: January 4th, 2021


Opinion by Cameron MacLeod
Executive Director, CodeRedTO

In response to losing up to 90% of their ridership and revenue due to Covid-19 last spring, transit systems across North America suspended up to 90% of their service. However, they retained easily 90% of their costs. Resulting budget shortfalls led to dire warnings about the end of public transit as we know it. As 2020 ends, many agencies have restored significant service levels, and governments have provided cash infusions to mostly replace missing fare revenue. These are positive signs, but transit remains at risk.


Ward 17 Don Valley North Transit Town Hall

Posted on: July 9th, 2019

On July 8, CodeRedTO presented on preparing for future transit conversations, at Councillor Shelley Carroll’s Transit Town Hall.
Click here to download the full presentation.

CodeRedTO Executive Director Cameron MacLeod discusses carbon emissions and physical space impacts.

CodeRedTO advisor Professor Patricia Wood walks through how transit decision-making processes can perform better for us.

Reviewing feedback and learnings from attendees helps improve content in future.

Seven Years

Posted on: September 20th, 2018

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Familiar Challenges Face New York City’s Subway

Posted on: December 31st, 2017

Many of the significant and costly challenges facing the MTA, and its new President Andy Byford, will ring familiar to those following Toronto’s transit development and roadblocks:

  1. Stations built for smaller volumes of people
  2. Ancient and failing signaling systems
  3. Ancient and failing vehicles needing replacement
  4. Transition to a new fare collection system
  5. Trying to increase funding and reduce administrative costs
  6. Convincing its workforce to accept role modernization and revolution


The GTHA’s Last Kilometre Problem

Posted on: December 18th, 2017

For reasons that are slightly mysterious, there is talk of big changes to transit governance in Ontario. One idea floating about is to upload all transit systems to the province because there are 11 separate transit systems in the GTHA. Which is supposed to sound like chaos, or something.

There have been some good critiques of this proposal: I recommend reading Cherise Burda and Jennifer Keesmaat on this.

But one big problem with this governance talk is that regional cooperation and coordination are not the biggest transit problems in the GTHA.

I’m in favour of better regional transit. Where it isn’t entirely absent, what we have is, in many areas, pretty terrible, uneven, and unresponsive. I would like to see service expanded and improved.

But the biggest transit problem we have in the GTHA is inadequate local transit.

Read more from CodeRedTO advisor Tricia Wood, in Torontoist

Resources on Revenue Tools and Funding for Transit

Posted on: February 8th, 2013

We’ve gathered some resources for those interested in revenue tools potentially under consideration for the GTHA and future transit funding – send your additions to!


Join the Big Conversation

Posted on: February 8th, 2013

Metrolinx is holding consultations to discuss the Big Move and how to fund it – have you had your say? Here is the events list – emphasizing the remaining events. Be sure to check one out if you can!

•    January 15 – Oakville: Halton Regional Headquarters, Bronte Room, 6-8pm
•    January 19 – Newmarket: Newmarket Community Centre, Room 1, 1-3pm 
•    January 22 – Mississauga: Erin Meadows Community Centre, 6-8pm
•    January 26 – Georgetown: Gellert Community Centre, Kinsmen Hall, 2-4pm 
•    January 29 – Ajax: Ajax Community Centre, HMS Room, 6-8pm
•    February 2 – Brampton: Flower City Seniors Centre Lawn Bowling Club, 1-3pm 
•    February 5 – North York: North York Central Library, Auditorium, 6-8pm
•    February 7 – Oshawa: Jubilee Pavilion Banquet & Conference Centre, 6-8pm
•    February 9 – Toronto: Metro Hall, Room 308, 1-3pm
•    February 12 – Hamilton: Hamilton Art Gallery, 6-8pm
•    February 16 – Dundas: Dundas Town Hall, 1-3pm
•    February 19 – Richmond Hill: Richmond Hill Centre for Performing Arts, Plaza Suite, 6-8pm

Learn more

Future Transit Question of the Month: TTC Day Passes and Presto

Posted on: January 16th, 2013

#CodeRedTO takes your questions and finds answers! This month: Will TTC Day passes (or Presto Day Passes) still be available after Presto is fully implemented on TTC routes?

We spoke to both the TTC and Metrolinx, and here’s their response:

The availability of a TTC Day Pass is one of the TTC Business Requirements that has been submitted, and accepted, by PRESTO. However, at this time it is under review how the PRESTO system will be able to implement the “group function” of the current TTC day pass. For example, each individual in the “group” may be required to have an individual PRESTO day pass to travel and transfer on the TTC. These sorts of details will be worked out as we move forward with PRESTO through detailed design.

Got a question you can’t find the answer to? Email or find us on Twitter at @CodeRedTO!

Presentation on Activism and Transit Issues at the Urban Geography class at U of T Scarborough

Posted on: July 10th, 2012

On June 25, a CodeRedTO representative presented the following slides in an Urban Geography class at the U of T Scarborough. The topics included not just transit issues and facts, but also activism in general and obstacles to Getting Stuff Done. Download a PDF of the slide deck below!

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CALL your City Councillor, and tell them that you want rational, affordable, and rapid transit in Toronto to benefit everyone, not just one small section of the city. Rapid transit to Malvern, Morningside, and Waterfront East are achievable if we learn from successful transit networks around the world.

TELL your friends and family that new rapid transit is amazing - it really is! - but unless we stabilize and grow operations funding we risk leaving people waiting for crowded buses for decades longer.

Did you know: The bus routes on Finch carry as many riders per day as the population of North Bay! Routes on Lawrence, Jane, and elsewhere also carry a huge number of riders per day. We are decades behind and need more and better transit options for our residents now, not just small extensions that use up all the budget.

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